S.W.A.T. (TV Series)a
Executive Producers:  Shawn Ryan

Daybreak (TV Series)
Executive Producers: Aron Coleite, Jeff Fierson
Composer, Andrew Lockington

Timeless (TV Series)
Executive Producers: Shawn Ryan, Eric Kripke

Scorpion (TV Series)
Executive Producers: Nick Santora, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci
Composer, Brian Tyler & Tony Morales

Mad Dogs (TV Series)
Executive Producers:  Shawn Ryan, Cris ColeAmazonComposer, Robert Duncan

The Normal Heart (TV Movie)
Director, Ryan Murphy
HBO Films
Composer, Cliff Martinez

The Curse of the Fuentes Women (Pilot)
Executive Producers:  Silvio Horta, Jason Ensler

Gossip Girl (TV Series – Seasons 1-6)
Executive Producers, Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage
The CW
Composer, Trancenders

Us & Them (TV Series)
Executive Producer, David Rosen
Composer, Peter Nashel

Last Resort (Pilot & TV Series)
Executive Producers, Shawn Ryan & Carl Gadjusek
Big Sun Productions/ABC
Composer, Robert Duncan

Missing (TV Series) (Uncredited)
Executive Producers, Steve Shill, Grant Scharbo & Paul Redford
Composers, Rob Duncan & Kim Planert

The Chicago Code (TV Series)
Executive Producer, Shawn Ryan
MiddKid Productions/FOX
Composers, Robert Duncan

Lie to Me (TV Series – Season 2)
Creator, Samuel Baum
Executive Producers, Shawn Ryan & Daniel Sackheim
Imagine Television/FOX
Composers, Robert Duncan, Doug DeAngelis & Peter Nashel

True Blood (TV Series – Season 3)
Creator, Alan Ball
Your Face Goes Here Entertainment/HBO
Composer, Nathan Barr

A Drop of True Blood (TV Series)
Creator, Alan Ball
Composer, Nathan Barr

Justified (Pilot)
Executive Producers, Timothy Olyphant & Taylor Elmore
FX Network
Composer, Steve Porcaro

The Unit (TV Series – Seasons 2-4)
Executive Producers, David Mamet & Shawn Ryan
Composer, Robert Duncan

Invasion (Pilot & TV Series)
Executive Producers, Tommy Schlamme & Shaun Cassidy
Warner Brothers Television/ABC
Composer, Jason Derlatka & Jon Erhlich

Waterfront (TV Series)
Executive Producer, Jack Orman
Warner Brothers Television/ABC
Composer, Jason Derlatka & Jon Erhlich

The Mountain (TV Series)
Executive Producers, Shaun Cassidy & Stephanie Savage
Shaun Cassidy Productions/WB Television
Composer, Jon Ehrlich

The Guardian (TV Series – Seasons 1-3)
Executive Producers, Mark Johnson & David Hollander
Composer, Jon Ehrlich

Tarzan (TV Series)
Executive Producers, David Nutter & Laura Ziskin
WB Television
Composers, Jason Derlatka & Jon Erhlich

The Agency (TV Series – Seasons 1 & 2)
Executive Producers, Wolfgang Peterson & Shaun Cassidy
Composer, Jon Ehrlich

Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family (TV Series)
Producer, Shaun Cassidy
Panomore Productions/USA
Composer, Jon Ehrlich

Get Real (TV Series)
Executive Producers, Clyde Phillips & R.L. Lewis
20th Century Fox Television/FOX
Composer: Dennis McCarthy

V.I.P. (TV Series – Season 1)
Executive Producers, J.F. Lawton & Pam Anderson
Lawton Entertainment/Sony Pictures
Composer, Frankie Blue

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (TV Series – Seasons 1 & 2)
Creator, Nell Scovell
Finishing the Hat/ABC
Composers, Danny Lux & Gary Stockdale

Roar (TV Series)
Executive Producers, Ron Coslow & Shaun Cassidy
Sea Change Productions/FOX
Composer, Jon Ehrlich


Akeelah and the Bee
Director, Doug Atchinson
Lionsgate Pictures
Composer, Aaron Zigman

The Gabby Douglas Story (TV Movie)
Director, Greg Champion
Lifetime Television
Composer, Robert Duncan

Director, Albert Martinez
Solar Entertainment
Composer, Albert Chang

House Hunting (Short)
Director, Amy Lippman
Pamplona Productions
Composer, Jon Ehrlich

The Informant
Director, Jim McBride
Composer, Shane MacGowan

Subject: I Love You
Director, Frances dela Torre
Radiant Studios
Composer, Albert Chang

The Survivors Club (TV Movie)
Director, Christopher Leitch
Composer, Douglas J. Cuomo

Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood(Assistant Music Editor)

Director, Paris Barclay Miramax Films  Composer, John Barnes

Rita (TV Movie)
Director, Miguel Arteta

Georgetown (TV Movie)
Director, Mark Piznarski
Composer, Robert Duncan

30 Days Until I’m Famous (TV Movie)
Director, Gabriela Tagliavini
Composer, Douglas J. Cuomo

Celeste in the City (TV Movie)
Director, Larry Shaw
ABC Family
Composer, Douglas J. Cuomo

Almost a Woman (TV Movie)
Director, Betty Kaplan
Composer, Lee Holdridge

The Pilots Wife (TV Movie)
Director, Robert Markowitz
Lions Gate Films/CBS
Composer, Lee Holdridge

The Deadly Look of Love (TV Movie)
Director, Sollace Mitchell
Composer, Dennis McCarthy

Hollyweird (TV Pilot)
Director, Jefery Levy

A Christmas Memory (TV Movie)
Director, Glenn Jordan
Composer, Lee Holdridge

Weapons of Mass Destruction (TV Movie)
Director, Stephen Surjik
Composer, Don Davis

She Cried No (TV Movie)
Director, Bethany Rooney
Composer, Lee Holdridge

London Suite (TV Movie)
Director, Jay Sandrich
Composer, Lee Holdridge

Norma Jean & Marilyn (TV Movie) (Associate Music Editor)
Director, Tim Fywell
Composer, Christopher Young

Soul of the Game (TV Movie) (Assistant Music Editor)
Director, Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Composer, Lee Holdridge

Won, Golden Reel Award
Best Sound Editing Computer Episodic Entertainment
A Drop Of True Blood

Nominated, Primetime Emmy
Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series
True Blood


Motion Picture Editors Guild
IATSE (Local 700)
BMI Writer & Publisher

Executive Producer: “Get Busy” Webisodes Director/Producer: “Soap Club for Men” Webisodes
Den of Thieves – Composer, 6 Webisodes Produced by 60frames, Dir. C Trokey/S. Hoffman For Library Track Placement in over 50 projects, see BMI Repertoire online

Rochelle Sharpe
Incite Management Inc.
P: (818) 223-9307

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